The Blackberry Fence Hopper

  The flavors of this cocktail bring us back to childhood memories of bramble scratches, sunburns, and furious neighbors yelling about us stealing berries from their yard. Minus the vodka ...

Five-Spice BBQ Pulled Pork

  Once the pork is in the slow cooker, you’re free for a good eleven hours while it simmers away into succulent, fork-tender shreds. The side of slaw adds more ...

Hanoi Grilled Chicken

From the Author of The Banh Mi Handbook: Brilliant foods are often simple foods. I had this tangy-salty grilled chicken at a Hanoi cafe in 2003 and was struck by ...


Crunchy French Toast

  This is basically the fried-chicken equivalent of French toast. I like ...

PB&J Chocolate Bars

  These bars are inspired by a favorite childhood snack: peanut butter ...

Homemade Twix Bars

  From the author of Treat Yourself:  The Twix was my go-to ...

Spaghetti Homard – Lobster

  We take this name from an old Iron Chef episode when ...

The New York Style Hot Dog

  Place of Origin: New York City / Other Names: Dirty Water ...

Royal Caesar

  This recipe was created in 2011 in honour of the royal ...

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Julia, Child by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Julie Morstad

Julia Child and Julia, Child Giveaway!

  Julia Child has inspired so many professional chefs and amateur home cooks alike. It’s no wonder that she’s the inspiration behind a delightful new picture book called Julia, Child written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated beautifully by Julie Morstad. To celebrate the release of Julia, Child we wanted to giveaway a great Julia Child [...]

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Creamsicle Smoothie

  All that’s missing from this is a little wooden stick. This smoothie is so sweet and yummy it should probably be in the dessert section of this book. And it’s always a hit with kids. Before You Begin: Prepare the Almond Milk Almond Milk This is the most basic ingredient you’ll need for great [...]

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Blonde Macaroons

  These are incredibly easy to make and are amazing when dipped in Chocolate. Eating them straight out of the dehydrator is the raw version of eating cookies straight out of the oven . . . Betcha can’t eat just one! Print Blonde Macaroons Yield: 12 macaroons Ingredients3/4 cup cashews, not soaked 1 1/2 cups [...]

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Caesar Fresa

Caesar Fresa: The perfect summer Caesar recipe!

  With the classic salsa elements of cilantro, onion, and lime, you’ve almost got a glass of pico de gallo with this Caesar recipe! I continued with the Mexican vibe by adding a tequila base. The idea for this recipe came from a strawberry salsa, and the strawberries here add a sweet but tart hit, [...]

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5 Father’s Day Cookbook Recommendations

  Father’s Day is upon us and if you’re tired of getting Dad socks and ties, we’re here to help. We’ve created a list of cookbooks that are sure to have Dad’s eyes light up with inspiration on June 15th. 1. Beerology by Mirella Amato — Broken down into fun, easy-to-read chapters, Beerology starts with [...]

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Rainbow Rice Salad

  Delicious, colorful, great for beach trips and picnics, as a side dish for vegan barbecues or for a light lunch—you name it. The diverse and contrasting flavors are there to be enjoyed. Once you chop everything, the rest is fast and easy . . . as is eating it. Print Rainbow Rice Salad Serving [...]

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How to Properly Pour Beer

  Having stored the beer carefully, made sure it’s at the correct temperature and selected the right glass, there is one last step for a delightful beer experience: the proper pour. This may seem like a bit of a production at first, requiring some focus and concentration, but it quickly becomes second nature. There are [...]

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Snacks for the Park

  It’s the time of year when the weather is warm, the birds are singing and everyone wants to get outside.  Don’t be unprepared for when hunger strikes, pack one of these easy, portable snacks and you’ll be able spend all day enjoying the great outdoors.   Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips: These are delicious sweet [...]

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Key Lime Pie

  This is the classic, staple dessert of Florida. There is only one way to make it and this is it. Print Key Lime Pie Serving Size: Serves 8–10 Ingredients1 ¼ cups graham cracker crumbs ¼ cup granulated sugar ½ cup butter, melted 6 egg yolks Two 300 ml cans sweetened condensed milk (2 ½ [...]

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Easy Cottage Meal: Chicken Chili Tacos

  Sometimes, when you’re invited to a cottage weekend, you want to bring a meal to reciprocate the generosity of your hosts. But it’s difficult to always know what to bring. That’s why we put on our thinking caps and came up with this simple and crowd-pleasing dish from the How to Feed a Family [...]

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