The Irony of High-End Footwear

  The following is an excerpt from Miranda Esmonde-White’s new book Aging Backwards: 10 Years Younger and 10 Years Lighter in 30 Minutes a Day. In addition to a sedentary ...

Salty Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  From Ina: Oatmeal cookies or chocolate chunk cookies—which would my friends like best? How about both together? Some dried cranberries for tartness and a sprinkle of sea salt make ...

Apricot, Walnut, and Lavender Cake

  From the author: The combination of walnuts, apricots, and lavender is as French as a good baguette with butter and ripe Brie, and it is every bit as invincible. ...


Samuel Adams Boston Lager Lobstah Chowdah

  Beer and lobster in a soup bring a smile to my ...

Turkey Meatball Soup

  From Naheed Nenshi, Broth Brother and Mayor of Calgary Makes about ...

Crunchy French Toast

  This is basically the fried-chicken equivalent of French toast. I like ...

PB&J Chocolate Bars

  These bars are inspired by a favorite childhood snack: peanut butter ...

Homemade Twix Bars

  From the author of Treat Yourself:  The Twix was my go-to ...

Spaghetti Homard – Lobster

  We take this name from an old Iron Chef episode when ...

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ZE Lobster BLT

  B (Bacon) + L (Lobster) + T (Tomato) = three amazing things combined together! All I know is that I really, really love this sandwich. If you like good things too, this quick and simple recipe may very well be for you. I like to serve these with dill pickles and kettle chips on [...]

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WIN an Aging Backwards by Miranda Esmonde-White Prize Pack!

  The typical message we get as we age is that we can move less and should take it easy–this is the wrong advice! Surprisingly, fitness enthusiasts often do as much harm to their bodies as people living sedentary lives. Miranda Esmonde-White teaches us in her new book Aging Backwards (in stores November 4th) a [...]

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Lobster and Tenderloin Skewers

  The King of the Sea meets the King of the Land! These skewers are fun to make and eat. Make these for your next dinner party to give your guests the best of both worlds. I recommend pairing these skewers with loaded baked potatoes—add some bacon, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and green onions [...]

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Dark Chocolate Espresso Madeleines

  From the moment I bought my first madeleine pans and started creating my own recipes, I tried to pack as much chocolate into the batter as I could. This trait served me well when I entered the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Great American Chocolate Cookie Contest at the San Francisco Fair in 1980 and won [...]

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Quinoa and Wild Garlic Cakes with Salbitada Sauce

  From the author: As anyone who reads her 101 Cookbooks blog will know, Heidi Swanson is the very lovely champion of all things vegetarian. She is also the source of inspiration for these quinoa patties, which are great with just a squeeze of lemon but work like a dream with the salbitxada sauce. Tara, [...]

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Hello Kitty Cake Pops

  Moist and decadent bites of chocolate cake are covered with a candy coating shell and decorated to look like Hello Kitty. These treats-on-sticks make great party favors and add an extra dose of cuteness to any dessert table. 1 8-inch Chocolate Cake layer, baked and chilled 1 cup Cream Cheese Frosting 1⁄2 cup Royal [...]

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Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

From the author: Brownies were the first thing I learned how to bake. I distinctly remember the experience. The unsweetened chocolate products were all kept on the lower baking shelf, well within reach of my grubby eight-year-old hands. The sweetened chocolate chips and candy pieces were kept on a higher shelf, way out of reach. [...]

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Honey-Roasted Carrots with Tahini Yogurt

  From the author: The inspiration for this was Sarah’s “nan” (grandmother), Dulcie, in Tasmania, who always used to add some honey to the pan before roasting her carrots. I’m  not sure what Dulcie would have thought about a tahini yogurt sauce served alongside, but the sweetness of the carrots certainly welcomes it. Make this [...]

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WIN A Delicious Soup Prize Pack!

  It’s cooling off outside and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange and brown. Which means one thing in our world… SOUP! Thanks to our friends at Happy Planet Soups, we’re pairing up to give you the opportunity to win 1 of 10 exclusive prizes that contains a copy of The Soup [...]

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Mug Apple Crumble

  INGREDIENTS 1/2 apple peeled and diced 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla sugar or maple syrup 1 pinch of ground cinnamon 1 tbsp water CRUMBLE 1 slice of slightly salted butter 1/2 cm (1/4 inch) thick (15g/1/2oz) 1 tbsp fine oat flakes 2 tbsps cane sugar 2 chopped blanched almonds METHOD To make [...]

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